How To Enter Time – Advanced Online – Follett On Demand Employees

Important Details:

We are excited to have you as a new member of the Advanced Online – Follett On Demand team working at NXTThing. A couple of reminders for you before we get started!

  • You will be paid using ADP and must be set up to enter your time (see below).
  • You are employed by NXTThing RPO, LLC as a temporary seasonal associate but work on-site at Advanced Online – Follett On Demand.
  • You are paid weekly for your work
  • Your payroll cycle is Sunday to Saturday
  • You are paid one week in arrears (behind). So if you log hours for the week of June 20th-26th, you will be paid on July 2nd
  • Every day you should clock in and on your phone or a computer when working
  • If you take a break during the day you should clock out and then back in
  • You MUST clock out at the end of a shift!! If you forget to clock out you won’t get paid for that shift.  Please remember this!
  • At the end of each week (Friday or Saturday) you should review your weekly hours to make sure they are correct.

How to Log Time

  1. By now you should have completed the onboarding in ADP. That is the first step so good job! If for some reason you have not completed onboarding yet please do so right away as you will not be able to be paid until you do.  
  2. Download the ADP mobile app:
  3. Here is a quick video on how to enter time is below or you can see the step by step directions below

Step 1

  • Click on the ADP app
  • Log in with your email and password you originally registered with when you completed your onboarding

If you forget password-there is a forget password button

Step 2:

  • Once logged in you will be brought to your dashboard where you can see your Clock In/Out, Pay, Timecard, etc. 
  • Click the “Punch” button in the clock section to clock in.
  • It will tell you Punch Successful.
  • Click the “Punch” button again to clock out for a break or the end of the day and it will show your recent activity and your two punches.  That’s it.  You are all done

Additional Information/Questions:

  • You can go to the upper left and click the home button and view other items such as your timecard, taxes, and pay.
  • If your store manager is using the schedule function, you can see your schedule in here as well.  Ask them about that feature!
  • You can also use the URL if you prefer to log in via a computer. Once logged in you will click on Myself-Time and Attendance-My Time Entry OR My Time Card.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I don’t remember my password?
    You can hit the forget password button when you log in and it will reset your password.
  • I can’t see Clock In or Time once in ADP?
    This means that Entering Time hasn’t been added to your profile.  It is easy for us to fix please just email and we will correct it for you.
  • How do I log lunch breaks
    – To log a break simply click the punch feature on the mobile app to clock out.
    – When you come back from your break click the punch feature again to clock back in.  You can enter notes as to why you took a break if you would like
  • I forgot to clock out what do I do?
    You can log into the website and click on myself-time and attendance-my time card and enter your missed punch.